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3 Tips To Make Your Facebook Business Page A “Must-Subscribe”

pagelikeYour business’s Facebook page can be a valuable tool to engage your target customers if used correctly. Investing a small amount of time and thoughtfulness in your posting can boost your business and even be fun. Here are three tips to create great content that will get people to subscribe to your Facebook page.

1. Pictures are worth MORE than 1000 words (or 120 characters)

If you don’t have a picture to go along with your post it is highly likely it will get left in the dust of the next finger swipe. Post clear and attention grabbing images. Try to post lifestyle images of happy people actually using your products or services rather than just stock images, this is much more engaging to look at.

2. Get A Personality 

Facebook is about connecting with people, and if you want to engage “people” you have post like a real, live “person” (not a machine). Think about who your customer would want to talk to in real life to and “speak” like them. Get a personality, ask questions and engage when people interact on your page. You can even engage on the pages of complimentary businesses.

3. Beyond Selfie-Promotion

No one likes to listen to someone who only talks about themselves. The same goes for your business. Self-promotional posts should only be about 20% of your content. Add value to the people you are targeting by posting industry news, interesting articles related to your business and anything else that would be interesting or helpful to your desired audience.

To put these tips into action and start using your Business Facebook Page as a social media sales tool. Download our free Goal Setting Worksheet below, and set your next sales goals.

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