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Apple’s Indestructible iPhone 6 & Warranties: Ways to Make the Inevitable Hurt Less

crackedphoneThere are three things that are certain in this life: death, taxes, and dropping your cell phone. You’ve either already had the stomach-turning experience of seeing a spidery crack radiate across the glass of your smart phone, or you merely waiting for the inevitable to happen.

A 2013 study by MobileInsurance (UK) says that 25% of iPhone users are walking around with cracked screens. The cost to fix this frustrating eyesore is can run you up to $250.

This fall, Apple will be rewarding its devotees by releasing the much-anticipated iPhone 6, which will feature Apple’s ‘scratch resistant and indestructible’ Sapphire Glass. The impressive glass is exclusively manufactured in Apple’s Arizona plant dedicated to making the Sapphire Glass, but this means that the screens of Androids, previous model iPhones and other smartphones will still be getting scratched and cracked. Plus there is is no proof yet that the glass is as indestructible as they say.

While no customer actually plans to ruin their technological livelihood with a cracked screen, they can take steps to protect themelves.  That’s why W3 Solutions’ best wireless partners offer the Performance Protection Plan which provides 24 months of repair or replacement protection from accidental damage if a phone smashed on the ground or gets dropped in a lake.



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