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Double your profits in 90 days! – A Retailer’s Guide

Did you know that a well-executed extended warranty program can easily double a store’s bottom line profitability and provide extra value to your customer?  Are you capitalizing on this opportunity?

  1. How much does your extended warranty program contribute to your bottom line?
  2. Do you attach an extended warranty on over 25% of your transactions?

W3 Solutions has been in the warranty and insurance game for over 45 years.  We have created a series of 3 eBooks so you can see what is involved in designing, implementing, and growing a successful retail Warranty Program: Either your own, or through a Third Party like W3. 

If you have ever considered launching a warranty program in-house or have outsourced, you need to read this eBook.

If you currently have a warranty program, are you getting the most out of it?


In this series you will learn how a professionally managed Extended Warranty Program will:

  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Financial Risk & Fraud
  • Grow your Business with Customer Data
  • Delight and Retain  Your Customers with Amazing Service
  • Build a Winning Sales Team
  • Increase Repeat Business
  • Develop New Revenue Channels

So what are you waiting for?  Get the guide now and get on the road to double your profits in 90 days.

Hope you enjoy!



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