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“No Fault Found”: How to Avoid The Scenario – Set Expectations Early, Communicate Clearly, and Eliminate Customer Conflict

It’s Word Wednesday again on the W3 Blog!

Today’s word(s): No Fault Found 

From time to time, a customer may hear, “It appears there was No Fault Found with your product” from a Service Technician who is visiting their home to repair a product under warranty.

It literally means what is says… there was “No Fault Found” with the product that the customer thought needed to be repaired.   And, if the report from the Technician who was dispatched to the customer’s home arrives with a big red “No Fault Found” stamp on it, the customer is responsible for the cost of the service call.  Not the warranty Company.


Allow us to give you an example of a “No Fault Found” scenario…

A customer believes their TV is malfunctioning because their Blu-Ray player will not play the last disc in the final Breaking Bad DVD Set.

Tragic?  Yes.  How will they be able to satisfy their addiction for their favourite show?

In a panic, the customer calls the helpline to report the malfunction. A Customer Service Representative walks the customer through a set of troubleshooting questions including obvious topics like “Is the Blue Ray player plugged into the TV?”.   Once it is determined that there is likely a fault, a Service Technician is then dispatched to the customer’s house.

When the Technician arrives, it turns out the customer did not have their HDMI cable plugged into the TV as they had previously said. The Technician plugs the cable in and Walter White bursts onto the screen.

All is right again except one thing.  Someone has got to cover the cost of the Technician to travel to the customer’s home.  So who should it be: the warranty company for dispatching the service or the customer for providing inaccurate information during the troubleshooting phase?

This is where it all comes down to how well the Customer Service Representative has set expectations with the customer.  The Best Practice in the warranty business is to let the customer know that if the product is fully functional when the Technician diagnoses the TV, it will be the customer who is responsible for the service call.

Thankfully, we at W3 Solutions have an amazing group of Customer Service Representatives who are experts in troubleshooting problems and making customers happy.   We set the expectations up front with the customer, so they take extra care to give us the information we need to resolve the problem with their products.

After all, if we can resolve the problem on the first call everybody wins!



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