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Word Wednesday! CATEGORY: Consumer Electronics/ Wireless, WORD: Glasshole

It’s #WordWednesday again!


This week’s word:  GLASSHOLE

glasshole_large-resized-600.jpgIn honour of the Canadian Wireless Tradeshow (#CANWTS2013) happening today, we thought Glasshole would be a relevant new term to teach our fellow Wireless dealers just in case you encounter any of these.

GLASSHOLE: Epithet for a Google Glass wearer. The term both expresses envy for those early adopters privileged to have the $1,500 developer prototype and resentment over that glassed out look wearers get from skimming Facebook while they’re talking to you.

What fun is Word Wednesday if you can’t throw in some made up words? We owe this beauty to @wired magazine.  Brilliant.

This summer we were at HubSpot’s #Inbound2013 Conference in Boston were we had the opportunity to experience Glassholes first hand. We are definitely envious of the Google Glass owners but there is something a little creepy about one these Glassholes eyeing or should I say googling you up.

We’d love to hear from some of our readers. Are you a Glasshole? Have you encountered one?


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