Coast Appliance Protection Plan

At Coast Appliances we go the extra mile for your customers. That’s why we’ve partnered with W3 Solutions one of the leading extended warranty providers in Canada. W3 Solutions is a Canadian family-owned business with 50 years of experience; that prides itself on putting the customer first, always. So let us help you keep your appliances running like new.

Extend your coverage.

The Coast Appliances Protection Plan extends your coverage for up to four (4) years after the manufacturers warranty expires.

What's Covered

All Parts & Labour

W3 covers the cost of parts and labour required to repair your appliance *. There are no hidden fees or deductibles.

* Subject to terms & conditions

Power Surge Protection

All damage from power spikes due to lightning and brown outs are covered by W3.

In-Home Service

All repair service for major appliances will be provided in your home by one of our Authorized Service Technicians.

Lemon Aid

We will replace your appliance if the same component fails four times.

Major Component Coverage

Most manufacturers have reduced major component coverage from 5 years to just 1. With W3, you can cover these components for up to 5 years.

$250 Food Spoilage Reimbursement

W3 allows for $250 worth of fresh and  frozen food replacement during the term of the extended coverage if food spoilage occurs due to fridge or freezer mechanical failure.

Rust Coverage

W3 covers any major component parts that prevents functionality due to rust.

NFF Grace Call

If no repair is found by a service technician, W3 will VOID the 1st “No Fault Found” service fee.

Save Your Money

Check out the average cost of repair on your appliances.

Ice Machine
Electronic Control
Condenser Fan Motor
Door Seal
Defrost Timer
Ice & Water Dispenser
Wash Arms
Pump/Motor Assembly
Electronic Keyboard
Drain Hose
Heating Element
Water Inlet Valve
Door Lock
Control Module
Roasting Element
Cooking Element
Halogen Elements
Radiant Heating Elements
Electronic Control
Convection Element
Door Lock Mechanism
Motor Assembly
Control Board
Clutch Assembly
Drum Assembly
Outer Tub
Main PCB
Heater Element

Getting Repairs Is Easy


Go to and begin your online claim process, quickly and easily.

Toll Free

Call 1-866-913-1350 and a W3 Solutions Specialist help get your device repaired or replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what other buyers are thinking.

How long does it take to receive a repair?
We will dispatch service to an authorized technician as soon as you report your claim. The technician will reach out to set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. If the repair can be completed on the first visit, you could be back up and running in 48 hours. If the part is backordered, it may take up to a few weeks to get your appliance repaired.
Why do new appliances require more service then appliances in the past?
In an effort to make appliances as energy efficient as possible they have become much more sophisticated with the increased use of technology. As we are all aware computers and electronics require maintenance to fix if they should break down, which will be a very expensive process, if you’re not protected.
Who will service my appliance?
We use the best manufacturer authorized technicians based on your geographic location.
When does my coverage start with W3?
Coverage begins immediately after the manufacturers warranty expires.
Who underwrites this protection program?
All our protection programs are underwritten by Industrial Alliance. One of Canada’s largest insurance companies. You will never be left unprotected.
How much does a protection plan cost?
Protection plan pricing varies depending on the retail selling price of the appliance.
How is it different from a manufacturer warranty?
Manufacturer warranties are limited. We cover everything the manufacturer does PLUS in-home service, power surge protection, up to $250 for food spoilage reimbursement, lemon aid coverage, and we give you the ability to transfer the warranty to a new owner free of charge. We are also one of few companies that provide annual renewals so our customers are protected for the long-term!
What if I misplace my contract number?
If you lose your contract, don’t panic! If you need service for your appliance, we can locate your contract in our database by searching your name, phone number, address or email.
How much is the average cost of a service call?
For an appliance repair specialist to come to your home and evaluate your issue it will be $100 just to diagnose the problem. After this the technician will have to order parts and then you will pay by the hour to install the new parts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Surrey, BC
When my freezer broke down, we lost all of our frozen dinners. W3 gave us a cheque for $200 to cover our grocery bills.
Victoria, BC
Our icemaker kept breaking down over an dover again in our fridge. W3 paid for a full replacement and no cost to us. Awesome.
Vancouver, BC
The control board on our range blew out due to a power surge during a lightning storm. W3 sent a technician to our house the next day to replace it and get us back up and running.

Why W3 Solutions?

W3 Solutions’ mission is to help customers get the most enjoyment from their technology and to keep their stuff running like new, longer. W3 Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walker Group, a family run company providing innovative protection products to Canadian consumers since 1968.

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