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3 Critical Questions to Ask An Extended Warranty Partner

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It’s true. Extended warranties and protection plan coverage are often misunderstood by consumers and salespeople. It’s unfortunate because the fact remains that no matter how careful the customer is with their cell phone, dishwasher, TV,  or laptop the product can still break, accidents will happen, and the customer is left holding the bag.  This is an opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the power of providing extended warranties and protection plans for their customers. Continue reading

3 Signs Your Extended Warranty Program Is Failing

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Most wireless dealers have an extended warranty program that they have committed to selling. However, many store owners do not have enough insight into how the warranty program is performing. When you don’t have the data needed to show you how a particular part of your business is performing, components break down and go awry. Don’t worry! There are signs to watch for to avoid the worst from happening. Continue reading

How Top Sales Professionals Use Goals To Achieve Their Dreams


Setting targets and goals is an essential part of succeeding in sales.

Goal setting can have huge impacts on sales volumes, profits and commission. But aside from making you money, goal setting can also be a major personal motivator if done right.

While most corporations set quantifiable targets for their team, leaders in sales take the idea of goal setting a step further. They make their goals personal.

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What happens to the warranties if an extended warranty company goes out of business?

F.A.Q_(1)What happens to the warranties we have sold if we go out of business?

This is a very common question and concern that retailers may have when deciding to offer third party extended warranties and can also be a concern for customers deciding to purchase a warranty.

If you are a retailer considering offering a third party warranty, you need to ask this question to the provider. If they can’t give you an answer that makes you sleep at night…run… run fast.

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