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The Top 5 Ways to Make Your Wireless Retail Store More Profitable

wireless retail store profitability

Research discovered that 68 percent of Canadians owned a smartphone in 2015, up from 55 percent in 2014. That number doesn’t reflect how many people own “traditional” cell phones, thus implying that most Canadians are using, and thriving with, wireless technology. Generally, smartphone owners replace their devices every two years when the contract is up, regardless if the phone is still working or not. In this boom time for the market, wireless retail stores theoretically should be raking in unprecedented profits. Continue reading

How Cell Phone Dealers Can Improve the ROI of a Warranty Program

warranty program profitability

An extended warranty program is crucial to the success of a company within the mobility space. Not only do returns, damage repairs, and other warranty claims offer an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service, they also improve the profitability of your company. Through improved operational efficiencies, recurring revenue, and a loyal customer base you can move your warranty program from a hassle (and lost profits), to one of the most secure revenue streams for your business. Continue reading

3 Signs Your Extended Warranty Program Is Failing

warranty plans sideways gum

Most wireless dealers have an extended warranty program that they have committed to selling. However, many store owners do not have enough insight into how the warranty program is performing. When you don’t have the data needed to show you how a particular part of your business is performing, components break down and go awry. Don’t worry! There are signs to watch for to avoid the worst from happening. Continue reading