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3 Critical Questions to Ask An Extended Warranty Partner

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It’s true. Extended warranties and protection plan coverage are often misunderstood by consumers and salespeople. It’s unfortunate because the fact remains that no matter how careful the customer is with their cell phone, dishwasher, TV,  or laptop the product can still break, accidents will happen, and the customer is left holding the bag.  This is an opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the power of providing extended warranties and protection plans for their customers. Continue reading

3 Signs Your Extended Warranty Program Is Failing

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Most wireless dealers have an extended warranty program that they have committed to selling. However, many store owners do not have enough insight into how the warranty program is performing. When you don’t have the data needed to show you how a particular part of your business is performing, components break down and go awry. Don’t worry! There are signs to watch for to avoid the worst from happening. Continue reading

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Brick Phone or Mobile Demolition Device?

TBT_(1)In honour of Canada History Week it’s time for the ultimate technology throwback for our beloved mobile phones. Not to disrespect Alexander Graham Bell, but we have come a long way from the first telephone, and even farther from the original cell phones which required their own carrying cases in order to lug around. Try fitting that in your pocket.

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Word Wednesday! Category: Warranty, Word(s): Entitlement team

Our Goal for W3 Solutions Blog is to educate our readers. You are already very smart for reading our blog but maybe we can teach you something you don’’t know.

Every Wednesday is “Word Wednesday” on the W3 Blog!

Since we specialize in extended warranties for Appliances and Consumer Electronics, most words will be derived from one of those categories.

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